Mark Vennis and Different Place. Singer-Songwriter

Mark writes story-based and thought-provoking songs about the society we live in and the ups-and-downs of life. He draws his inspiration from the area he grew up in, the life he led when he left suburban Hampshire for London, the films he watches, the raw emotions of everyday life. He stands in the tradition of blues and country based songwriters. He is also a talented bespoke song-writer for the movie industry, writing songs and music based on the script. His music is played regularly on local radio Express FM and his rock/blues band, Different Place, who are based in Hampshire, can be found gigging in Petersfield, London, Southampton and Portsmouth. Most of the live material is original songs that echo influences of The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and Steve Earle.

He has released the album Uncharted Water, Faded Glory and Other Stories, on Gravel Track Records, which you can download from iTunes and the usual on-line stores.

Here are some of the independent reviews of Mark’s music:

From Rock Regeneration music e-zine:

Portsmouth based and inspired Mark Vennis recently released their new album “Uncharted Water, Faded Glory, And Other Stories”.

"Marks voice has a rawness to it, giving the music an edge, almost an attitude. Possibly even a Strummer snarl in places...With a gentle guitar picking away giving a light feel to proceedings, even though the themes seem to be one of leaving, and lost love. Possibly even fighting when you consider Portsmouths’ naval history. “Come Out Fighting” is one obvious example, with it’s a gentle acoustic sound, but harsh theme.
There is a raw honestness to the album which gives it a vibe that captures the ethos of Cash and Clash.
The album possesses the theme of travelling, let Mark guide you, as he has crafted some interesting and intimate stories for you to listen to.”

From Louder than War music e-zine:
“Now, he is a terribly talented man who has crafted some excellent songs here... He has a distinct voice.....these are country and roots rock songs, just the same as in America, mirroring songs by John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen. These are the type of songs I like: They are songs about me and you, us, our society and our lives. I believe we can all relate, whether you are in Portsmouth, UK or my hometown of Thunder Bay, Canada. ...all together, this is good music worth checking out.”

From Mintsouth, music e-zine:
“Singer/guitarist Mark Vennis has recorded a sonic tribute to Portsmouth, in the form of Uncharted Water, Faded Glory And Other Stories, telling tales of a life lived on the other side of the Gosport ferry route- starting appropriately enough with Portsdown Hill, both lovelorn lament for younger days and recognition of an icon, as good a summing up of the intent behind the project as any most likely.

Crossing now to Uncharted Water with our musical ferryman, this is the undoubted balls to the wall rock anthem, a sort of South Coast cousin to the likes of Born To Run.”

From Vive Le Rock magazine: (where one song, Portsdown Hill, was featured on the end-of-year edition on the cover mount cd):

“An ode to the highs and lows of growing up near Portsmouth, this opening track from 'Uncharted Water, Faded Glory and Other Stories' is a soulful/indie rock 'n' roll track from Mark Vennis and his band, Different Place. With two Strummerfests under their belts, this is the real deal.”

Listen to a sample track: