Mark Vennis and Duncan LeFeuvre.

Mark and Duncan are a southern England based writing and production team with a number of tracks currently being considered for movies to be recorded by other artists. They are executive directors in a movie currently being produced – “Riot On Redchurch Street”. Mark also runs a movie distribution company – Movie House Entertainment.

Please have a listen to samples of some of their tracks below and contact Duncan LeFeuvre for further information…

Being Produced
Remains Unspoken (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Male vox. Up tempo Iggy punk rock song.

Bathed In Blue Light (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Male vox. Bespoke rock song.

Being Produced
In This Light (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Male vox. Bespoke slow tempo rock song.

Come Out Fighting (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Atmospheric, scene setting, acoustic Spanish undertones.

Being Produced
Tide Arising (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Anthemic/ Morricone style/atmospheric. Strong melody.

Out Of The Mist (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Atmospheric, slow rock ballad. Moving story/lyrics about a lone figure.

Under Offer
Waiting For The Morning (Vennis/LeFeuvre). Bespoke atmospheric, slow rock ballad.